Dumpster Bag Pickup

Buy one of those large dumpster bags from the hardware store.  Fill it.  Call me at (508) 797-4848 or (877) 797-4848 and I will pick it up for $164.00!  Know how much they want — $179.00.  By buying local and using a local company you save $19.00 – and that’s a lot.  Know someone who bought a large bag?… tell them to call me and save some money!  Call me for pick-up times (any day Mon-Sat) and for what you can put into it!
Schedule a pickup or order your own reusable bag, Call 508-797-4848

Order online – www.greenbagpickup.com

REUSABLE 3Yd Dumpster Bag

Service Worcester County Massachusetts and Beyond